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ESL Lesson Idea: Talking about our Native Countries


Your students will give talks about their countries. This lesson will help your students increase their knowledge and awareness of the specific cultures represented in the classroom.

  • Prepare your students during the previous class with the warm-up exercise Countries of the World. Have them walk around the classroom and ask each student where she or he is from. Your students will write the names next to each country on the handout map.
  • For the next class, tell your students to think of at least two questions for each person in the class, about their native country.
  • For the next session, put up large pieces of paper on the classroom walls, one for each country represented in the class. Write the name of the country on the top with a marker.
  • Ask your students to walk around the room and write their questions under each country's name. Some example questions might be:
    • Do you have American television shows in Mexico?
    • Is it hot in China?
    • Are there beautiful beaches in India?
    • What are the schools like in your country?
  • After the questions are written, let the students read them. Give each student, or a team of students for each country, time to think of answers to the questions. Then each student or team will give a presentation about their country, responding to the questions.
  • After all the presentations have been made, ask your students the following:
    • What did you learn about other countries?
    • Did any of your opinions or impressions change?
    • What did you learn about your own native country from the questions of others?
    • What was the purpose of this exercise?
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