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GED Lesson Idea: Using the GED Calculator


The use of a calculator is allowed for the GED math test, but students may not bring their own. A particular model, the Casio FX-260, is provided for use during part of the test. GED test-takers may wish to practice with this model beforehand, as well as to become familiar with use of electronic calculators in general.

  • Casio Model FX-260 calculator - this is available for use at our learning centers. It can also be purchased at most office supply stores for under $10 if a student wishes. The same kind of calculator will be provided at the GED testing site.
  • GED Skill Book, Mathematics: Calculator - this book is available in our library and includes step-by-step practice in using the calculator as well as many practice exercises.
  • Part of the Number Power series,
    Calculator Power: A Modern Approach to Math Skills is another similar resource from our library collection.
  • Show your student that these skills work on other calculators that arenít quite so complex.
  • Encourage your student to use the calculator to double-check all math work.
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