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Index of Lesson Ideas

Basic ESL

Articles 'A (or An)' and 'The'
Body Parts
Describing Clothes
Describing People
Describng Symptoms
Making Conversation
Phone Messages
Reporting Emergencies
Talking about our Native Countries Using the Telephone
Using Warm-Ups

List of Handouts

Workplace Skills

Applying for a Job
Asking for Clarification
Asking for Help
Calling in Late
Customer Complaints
Making Introductions
Reporting an Accident
Safety at Work
Small Talk

List of Handouts

Reading & Writing

Beginning Writing Ideas
The "C" Rule
Fact vs. Opinion
Journal Writing
Long Words
Phrase Reading
Poetry Writing
"R"-Controlled Words
Reading Accuracy Check
Reading Comprehension
Reading Fluency
Real-Life Reading
Vocabulary Games
Vocabulary Notebook
Word Bank
Word Sort
Word Structure

List of Handouts


Balancing a Checkbook
Using a Checkbook

Word Problems

List of Handouts


Online GED Practice
The Opinion Essay
Reading Nonfiction
Using a Calculator

Learning Disabled Students

Multi-Style Spelling
Reading in Concert
Recorded Spelling
Word Discrimination
Word Patterns

List of Handouts

Index of Forms and Reports

Tutor's Monthly Report
General Volunteer's Monthly Report
ESL Leader's Monthly Report
Group Leaders' Weekly Attendance
ESL Goals
Talk Time Leader Evaluation
ABE Reading & Writing Competencies
ABE Math Competencies
Technology Competencies
ESL Reading & Writing Competencies
ESL Listening & Speaking Competencies
Lesson Plan
Group Lesson Plan
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