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Reading Lesson Idea: Reading Fluency


The following are two methods to help a reader become more fluent. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is for the student to become a fluent silent reader.

  • Choose a reading the student has already heard or that is of interest and at the appropriate level.
  • Several good selections are available on the Literacy Connections web site.

Try these two methods with your student.

  • Assisted Reading
    • Read three or four sentences aloud to the student to model fluent reading.
    • Reread the same section together.
    • When the student appears to have control of the text, lower your voice.
    • When the student falters, raise your voice slightly to give support.
    • Make a tape recording of yourself reading for your student to take home and practice with.
  • Repeated Reading
    • The student reads and rereads the same paragraph several times until he or she is able to read it more smoothly.
    • Repeated reading works most effectively when short selections of 50 to 200 words.
    • The value in repeated reading is that students learn to read the words automatically, which then increases their fluency.
    • Try the Phrase Reading technique.
  • Check Teaching Adults pp.51-54 for other ways to help your student become a fluent reader.
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