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ESL Lesson Idea: Body Parts


By the end of this lesson, your students should have some familiarity with common terminology for parts of the body.

  • Warm-up: Find out how much your students know about body parts. Get your students up and ask them to do the following:
    “Point to your head.”
    “Point to your nose.”
    “Point to your stomach.”
    “Point to your back.”
  • Roll up a sheet of paper and use it to point at your ear (for example) and ask students, “What’s this?” (They should respond to whichever body part you point to.)
  • You can use the handout Body Parts to review or introduce the vocabulary.
  • Draw two pictures of a body on the board. Split the class into 2 teams. Give each student a marker. Tell your students to help each other. Ask students to write as many body parts on the board in 5 minutes as they can.
  • Alternatively, use the handout Unlabelled Body Parts. Ask students to turn over or hide the labelled version and have a contest to see who can fill in the most blanks in 5 minutes. This could be done individually or in teams.
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