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What is the GED? The General Educational Development exam is a nationally-normed paper and pencil test that is administered according to strictly controlled guidelines. Check out the official site.

Who can take the exam? To be eligible for testing, a student may not have graduated from high school nor be currently enrolled. A High School waiver is required for students under 19 years of age. The minimum age is 16 years.

What does it cost? The student pays $75 to take the entire exam. Occasionally a student can receive financial assistance for this fee.

What form does the test take? It is a timed, mostly multiple-choice test that consists of five sections: Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. The entire test takes seven hours and five minutes and is generally administered over a period of several sessions.

What skills are needed to pass the exam? Good reading and writing skills. Good problem solving skills, including basic math knowledge and beginning algebra and geometry. Use of a calculator is permitted on one part of the math exam. Good test-taking skills.

How do I know when my student is ready to take the real test? The minimum score to pass the GED in Washington is 410 on each section with an average of 450 for all five parts. We recommend that a student score in the 500 range on the practice tests (see above) before making an appointment for the real test.

How can I help my students prepare for the test? Check out the resources page, and ask a literacy coordinator about the next Hopelink Adult Education GED workshop for tutors.

Where does my student take the exam? The tests are administered at official testing sites. Our students usually take them at either Bellevue College, Lake Washington Technical College, or Renton Technical College.

What are the advantages of earning a GED? Students like to take the GED to gain access to further education, get a better job, or for self-improvement.

What if my student does not pass a section? Re-testing is possible, but a fee is charged.

Are there any other options to this exam? Individuals who are fluent in Spanish may choose to take the Spanish version of the exam. Students who choose this option take the five regular sections in Spanish and a sixth section that tests English reading comprehension.

What if my student has learning difficulties? Special accommodations are also available for students with documented learning disabilities. Your student can find out how to access these by talking with someone at an official GED testing site.

What if my student would prefer to earn a high school diploma? In this case, we would recommend that your student become part of the External Diploma Program that is administered for our students through Renton Technical College.

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