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Math Lesson Idea: Using a Checkbook


Show your student how to correctly write a check, fill out a deposit slip, and use a check register. Introduce the concept of balancing a checkbook. Requires the ability to add and subtract decimals, sign one’s name, write number words, and know the correct date.


Discuss the concept of writing checks. What is a check and why do people use them? What is a deposit slip, and what is it for? Why are checks numbered? Why is it important to keep track of the checks written? Why is it important to balance a checking account? Why do people use checks? etc.

  • Using the Practice Checks Handout, demonstrate how to write a check. Show how to
    • Write the correct date.
    • Pay to the order of—.
    • Write the amount of check.
    • Write the amount of check in words.
    • Sign the check.
    • Fill in the Memo if there is one.
    • Note the check number.
  • Using the Deposit Slip Handout, show to how to fill it out.
    • Write the correct date.
    • Write the amount of deposit.
  • Using the Checkbook Register Handout, demonstrate how to fill out a checkbook register with the check number, date, description of transaction and balance.
  • Provide a sample list of expenses for practice in writing checks, filling out the register and deposit slip.
  • Give your student many opportunities to practice.
  • This lesson could be followed by lessons on how to cash a check, make correct change, reconcile a bank statement, make a budget, etc.
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