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Math Lesson Idea: Teaching Fractions


To practice using fractional parts of a whole, recognizing relative sizes and equivalent fractions.

  • Handout: Fraction Kit.
  • Colored pencils or markers.
  • Optional (for the Cover-up game below) - Fraction dice, available in our library.
  • To make the fraction cut-outs:
    • Print the Fraction Kit and cut out the separate pieces.
    • Color code each size fraction by giving it a border or circling its label. Alternatively you can make your own fraction cut-outs of colored construction paper.
  • Fraction kits can be used to teach many concepts such as:
    • Equivalent fractions -line up the cut-outs to see how many 1/12 's equal 1/4, for example.
    • Addition and subtraction of fractions.
    • Reducing fractions - express a given number with the smallest possible number of cut-outs.
  • Try the Fraction Cover-Up game:
    • You and your student each start with a 1 WHOLE" cut-out in front of you.
    • Take turns rolling the die.
    • Take the fraction you roll and place it on the whole.
    • The first player to cover their whole exactly wins.
    • Then reverse the procedure: Whatever you roll, you take off (or subtract) that fraction. You may have to exchange first. For example, if you roll 1/8 on your first roll, you must exchange 1/2 for 4/8 before you can subtract 1/8.
    • The winner is the first player to uncover his or her WHOLE exactly.
    • For more challenges, play to cover up two wholes, or 1 and1/2 wholes.
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